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About the Club

Our Mission

Mission Statement
To promote the sport of basketball in the district by providing opportunities for all girls & boys, at all levels. These opportunities will help develop the physical, mental, emotional, and social needs of our girls & boys by participation in the sport of basketball. The primary focus being that each player has the possibility to improve his/her skill development and knowledge while enjoying the competitive spirit of the game.

About the Club
The Hamilton Basketball Club is a nonprofit organization. Money raised in the program helps support the Hamilton Basketball Program. The Club believes that all children should have an opportunity to develop into great student/athletes. By putting them in an environment where they can learn and succeed.
The Club has high expectations for our players and coaches and is committed to developing our teams and program.

Jay Anders


Phone: 4147595611

Matt Voigt

Vice President

Tony Resch

Director of Basketball Operations

Melissa Dolney


Melissa Horn

Tournament Operations Director

Ed Burg

Tournament Director "A" Division

Jim Hartung

Tournament Director "B" Division